About Nkosana Nicholas Ndhlovu

  • Academic Level Bachelor's Degree
  • Age 23 - 27 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Industry Telecommunications

About me

Telecommunications professional, skilled in Transmission Systems, Switching, Internet & Data Center and Access Network (Wireless (WiMax & LTE), Fiber and Copper Infrastructure). Strong engineering professional with a Diploma focused in Telecommunications Engineering from Tel-One Centre For Learning and studying towards a Bachelor Of Commerce Honors In Information Systems Degree.



  • 2021 - Present
    ZOL Zimbabwe, Bulawayo

    Customer Service Representative (Technical Support)

    Front desk support technician assisting customer technical difficulties, ranging from hardware to software. Providing quick and professional responses to consumer inquiries received through phone, email, online chat, and walk-in customers. Providing online support through the use of live support systems using instant chat and other online platforms to ensure that all customer views are attended to. LAN and WAN network troubleshooting for MPLS, GPON, LTE, VSAT, and ZOL Public Wi-Fi customers. Fault escalation and resolution within specified time windows.

  • 2020 - 2021
    Telecontract (TelCo), Victoria Falls

    Branch Senior Access Network Technician (Fiber & WiMAX)

    New Installations on WiMAX & Fiber infrastructure. Providing network installation quotation to client. Installation of Primary and Secondary splitters on the fiber network (2 WAY, 4 WAY, 8 WAY). Ensuring optimum power levels on all ONUs and ONTs. Conducting network surveys to potential customers for proper network planning. Supervising all civil works during trenching and installation of fiber optic infrastructure. Compiling and providing full network stats reports to senior management. Troubleshooting and solving hardware and software queries on Client routers and switches. Providing telephone support which involved troubleshooting all WiMAX and Fiber Connection. LAN and WAN configurations for customers on WiMAX, GPON, and MPLS platforms. LAN extensions using access points. Monitoring base station traffic on the TelCo network using platforms like ICINGA, UNMS & Unifi.

  • 2017 - 2018
    TelOne, Bulawayo

    Trainee IS, & Data Center Technician

    Performed software maintenance & repairing hardware peripherals including hard drive changing, RAM upgrade, Module changing, Operating System upgrade, and downgrade. Performed Installations & maintenance on internet equipment including routers, switches, and network cabling. Carried out capacity and resource evaluation as tasked on existing network systems for documentation. Creation of new internet service which included configuring on Service Aggregation Router (SAR) _8, Service Router (SR) _7, Ethernet Service Switch (ESS). Reconfiguring of ADSL in the DSLAM consisted of changing speed, port number, port locking, and unlocking. Network documentation through labeling cables, recording configuration diagrams & specifications. Inspected LAN infrastructure and fixed minor or major problems as well as troubleshooting internet failures to ensure efficient service. Provided technical assistance to senior Technicians as well as responding


Telecommunications & Networking
Managment Information Systems